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Syringe - 3ml Luer Lock with Blunt Tip Needle
Our Price: $1.99


This Luer Lock Syring with Blunt Tip Needle is great for the DIY'er or the person looking to fill their Cartomizers easily.  The syringe and needle are 2 separate parts but come together in this package.
48mg Nicotine Booster
Our Price: $3.00


Are you a Do It Yourselfer?  Want to mix your own e-Juice, now you can get your unflavored nicotine juice direct from JuicyVapor.com.  Intended for DIY only!!!  Do not inhale or vape this undiluted.  Select your bottle size of your nicotine juice that you want and the base of your choice.  Either PG, VG or Reduced PG

** This Juice may not ship within our normal 24 hour time frame.  Depends on current stock and availability due to amount of orders.  Please allow up to 7 days for delivery of this item.
Menthol Drops (12ml)
Our Price: $6.99


You wanted it, and now you got it! Mentholate any flavor we have with your very own 12ml bottle of Menthol drops. Start with 1 or 2 drops and go from there! You can even mentholate your menthol! Yum! Choose bottle size for pricing.


• Propylene Glycol
• Menthol Crystals
Sweetener (12ml)
Our Price: $6.99


Just when you need a that extra Kick!!!

Start with 2-3 drops till you reach desired sweetness

Ingredients (may contain some or all of the following):

• Propylene Glycol
• Natural & Artificial Flavors